Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Case Study:
Hudson River State Hospital Administration Building


A historic 170-year-old building was acquired by a developer with a plan to restore the majesty and grandeur of this amazing landmark. Extensive building damage is the result of many decades of neglect, including vandalism and fires. Structural improvements and the installation of a new roof were required to start the process to recondition the building. A leading Westchester architect hired CityDroneZ to gather detailed digital measurements (down to 1" accuracy) of the existing load-bearing walls. The architect partner could provide detailed plans to an engineer who would design the new roof trusses. The use of conventional measuring techniques was not possible. CityDroneZ precise drone measurements were the perfect safe, and cost-effective solution.


After inspecting the property with the architect, it was clear that a drone would be the most accurate, fastest, and least expensive way to gather the necessary information. The precise measurements enabled the engineers to design the new roof trusses and maintain project progress.

After the flight operation, CityDroneZ data analysts processed the digital images into precise digital data. CityDroneZ then transformed into a digital three-dimensional point-cloud (the post-processed data) dataat that was the primary reference for measurements and reports.


CityDroneZ digital data capture helped the architect produce the new CAD drawings and precise measurements in Revitt and Sketchup. These were used by the Engineers to design new trusses for offsite. In addition to the time and money saved, the CityDroneZ solution helped the property owner, architect, and engineer dramatically reduce the risk of injury and significantly increase the project's measurement accuracy.