While CityDroneZ creates a seamless integration of aerial intelligence and everyday business operations that touches an almost endless array of business types, we have deep experience serving industries and clients that own, operate, and manage the physical assets associated with real property.

Utilities and Infrastructure

Managing utilities and infrastructure demands safe, timely, and accurate digital data solutions. CityDroneZ's drones deploy a broad range of sensors that could operate Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) (after FAA Authorization), thereby dramatically reducing inspection costs.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

We take the digital images and data captured by drones and seamlessly process and deliver digital data sets and reports. This is made possible by our data delivery portal, which can output information into a broad range of GIS and AutoDesk data formats, including Civil3D and Revitt.

Real Estate and Insurance

Our routine and crisis inspection solutions deliver value for our business clients. After a loss event caused by a natural disaster, we know that timely insurance claims processing is essential. You may be penalized with a lower claims payout if you cannot deliver timely and accurate digital information after a natural disaster, flood, or fire.

Your investment in capturing quality digital data has many benefits and a proven return on investment.

  • Seamless insurance claims payments provided by a team of deeply connected and experienced disaster responders with superior training and crisis management expertise
  • System-of-record for the current condition of assets
  • Fully integrated data to view large files increases claims decisions and reduce or mitigate costs
  • Quick verification and response time
  • Safe observation of disaster areas allows decision-makers to save money AND may save lives