Services & Support

Aerial Maps, Analysis, and Insight

Location intelligence—it's only as good as the maps, analysis, and insight of the teams that create them. The best location intelligence uses the latest advances in aerial photogrammetry. CDZ processes and delivers data through our proprietary data logistics DigiPort in the Cloud.

Our CDZ geospatial scientists bring decades of analytics experience to every project and the integrated teams that help you make smarter decisions.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Internal & External

BIM is a technique that professionals use to plan, create, analyze, and budget all of the structures they build and manage. From project inception through every step of the design, construction, and asset management process, BIM enables experts to efficiently collaborate on a single source of integrated data sets, including inventory, dates, budgets, and contracts. CityDroneZ provides the critical digital data needed to drive your BIM systems.

Construction Progress Tracking & Reporting - Data Critical for Timely Budget Reconciliation

Digital Data translated into powerful information that is readily available is critical during a fast-moving construction process. Stakeholders include the owners, construction managers, architects, engineers, zoning officials, and lenders. We can provide timely data delivered in our data logistics DigiPort portal. We will quickly provide the GIS and AutoDesk® data and report templates that will flow directly into your internal management systems.

Digital Twin Production & Maintenance

Use your digital data provided by CityDroneZ as location intelligence to create a visual replica or a digital twin of your physical assets and systems to reveal opportunities to mitigate risk, maximize asset value, and save time and money.

Planimetric Modeling

Use your digital data to filter and interpolate new sets of information and insights that help you manage complex issues related to land and asset management, including enhanced editing and accurate geodatabase topology.

Property & Infrastructure Inspections

Capture imagery, videos, and digital data; conduct routine and due diligence assessments and inspections; create accurate site, building, and infrastructure surveys at a fraction of the time, cost, and risk of traditional methods.

Thermal Variance Detection

Thermal infrared remote sensing helps measure temperature variances that may indicate building and equipment damage and heat and air-conditioning loss from leaky buildings.

Project Optimization

Time increases risks and costs since invested capital is expensive. Our timely delivery of digital data and valuable information through our DigiPort Data Portal to all stakeholders, including owners, construction managers, engineers, architects, zoning officials, and lenders, saves time and money and reduces risk.

Typical projects, especially AEC projects, have a blended cost of capital of at least 1% per month.

CityDroneZ delivers a compelling cost/benefit to our clients. The integration of precision digital data into building information models (BIM) increases the project manager's control over cost and time. We specialize in large projects with greater complexity and higher capital demands.

  • Productive workforce / sub-contractor management
  • BIM digital data feeds into a shared model for multi-discipline coordination
  • Assessments, inspections, and safety fully integrated into a digital and integrated system-of-record
  • Progress tracking & reporting
  • OSHA safety audits and digital evidence captured by drones with a range of sensors