Utilities & Infrastructure: Regional Utility, New York State


Public utilities are required by regulation to inspect power lines and equipment periodically. CityDroneZ was excited to successfully demonstrate that it has the technical piloting skills to capture data from critical and hard-to-reach equipment, and the digital data processing skills to report on the findings.


CityDroneZ drones were equipped with cameras and sensors to obtain digital imagery for the power lines, transformers, connectors, and all other equipment. The team piloted drones over and around power distribution lines (20-30' above the ground) and transmission lines (150-200' above the ground).


Besides capturing digital data on obvious problems upon inspections, CityDroneZ data can start the ongoing database required for future artificial intelligence and anomaly detection reporting. These new capabilities will help the utility manage ongoing challenges, spot developing issues, predict failure, and efficiently guide maintenance investment. CityDroneZ, like other drone operators, has now proved that drone inspection is safer, faster, and cheaper than conventional methods (like using helicopters and men in bucket trucks).