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Aerial mapping, image capture, data gathering, and analysis is an art and a science. CityDroneZ has a passion for helping you to better know and leverage your real assets. We live to help you solve the make-or-break decisions you face every day. How well do you know your critical assets?

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Experts in Tri-State Airspace

Most of our CityDroneZ pilots have over $1-Million of training to fly for police aviation and National Guard teams. They are expert pilots in the most complicated airspace in the world—the Tri-State area around New York City.

CityDroneZ has obtained from the FAA several waivers and authorizations to fly, including a nighttime waiver. We have the best talent, the best equipment, and the best risk management practices for operating in urban environments.

CDZ Delivers Superior Data Processing

Our standards-based, intelligent-data services model was designed by leading geospatial scientists with you in mind. Our outstanding customer care assures that we deliver the GIS and CAD digital data solutions you need at a significantly lower cost. Our data logistics DigiPort delivery portal ensures you will get your datasets and report templates quickly and securely

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CDZ Helps You Leverage Global Leaders

Along with best-in-class data gathering and analysis, CityDroneZ clients benefit from the capabilities our global partners bring, including network reliability, continuously reviewed and updated best practices from around the globe, and mission control experience gained in the most challenging environments.

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