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May 19, 2022
 FAA Requirement to Register all drones – FAA Drone Zone
May 21, 2022

FAA By The Numbers

Drones by the Numbers

A few decades ago, drones were confined to science fiction or notions of the future. Today, unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, are rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives. They are quickly increasing in numbers and complexity. The ways we use drones range from recreation to commercial and military applications.

Here's a snapshot of the current state of drones in the United States:

  • 856,153 drones registered
    • 315,437 commercial drones registered
    • 537,097 recreational drones registered
    • 3,619 paper registrations
  • 279,032 Remote pilots certified
  • 256,563 TRUST completion certificates issued by test administrators
  • UAS quarterly activity reports